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Find the Best Free Play Casinos

Selecting the best free play casinos is very crucial to every online casino player. It is just as important as choosing the game you would play. Even though it’s free, new players should not take it for granted because it can make or break them.

Knowing which game to play will increase the possibilities of luck being on your side. You can be assured to be on the winning side and which is tantamount to winning big jackpots and great prizes without shelling a single penny. So check out these 5 criteria’s you need to consider.

1. The Sign up Bonus: This bonus system is one of the most commonly known bonus system. You will be given free play in a form of cash or credit. It is very useful for starters so that they could get familiar on how the game works with no risk at all.

2. The Variety of Games Available: It is advisable to check on the number of games available for you. It can give a wide range of game selection so choose which game you will enjoy the most and at the same time give you more winnings. Most free play casinos offer more than 600 different games which could be downloadable or web-based.

3. The Sum of the Jackpot: It is always good to pick one with huge payouts. In that way, you can maximize and stretch the amount you were given initially. And remember, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions first so you can be aware on how to claim it. Some virtual casinos will allow you to keep your winnings. There are some who would usually ask a minimum deposit of $20 so that you can claim your winnings.

4. Other Promotions such as Loyalty Programs: It is where frequent gamers would be able to receive presents and prizes every time they play. This gives the players additional chances of getting prizes when they keep on playing. It is a favored promotion by most online casinos since it retains their customers and gets them to play over and over again.

5. Customer Support Service: Although most online casinos are very simple to use and has an intuitive user friendly interface, it is an important feature especially to novice, starters and even professional gamblers. It allows players to have a 24/7 support they can contact anytime via phone, email or chat if they have questions or if they are having some issue with the game they are playing.

Put all these criteria together and you will have the advantage you need to get more winnings. Maximizing the benefits of free play casinos will give you a fun and exciting time play at the virtual casinos expense. So try all free play casinos, then decide what is best for you.